Made to measure rent

Made to measure rent

Invent your Moving room

Available for hire for stationary or travelling events, for a day or a month, our unconventional caravans will follow you for getaways anywhere in continental Europe under the expert and attentive eye of our Moving Room directors.

Each Moving Room has been conceived as an ephemeral and unique jewel for multiple users : Road Show, street marketing, brand promotion, VIP boxes for cinemas and concerts, decor constituent for audiovisual and fashion shooting, travelling office, bar, DJ space, stands, … there is no limit to the imagination.

All our premium mobile units have standard equipment (heating air conditioning, toilets, water supply, DVD/CD/USB players, LCD screens, fridge, micro ovens) in addition to a decobook from which we will draw the inspiration to personalize elegantly your Moving Room caravan in accordance with your desires.

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A made to measure Airstream

Each one of your projects will be the object of various stylistic propositions with an extreme attention to detail, making your Mooving Room experience unique. The possibilities of customizing Moving Rooms from interior styling to exterior “total covering” will make it possible for us to accompany you on all your projects, even the wildest.

Our services, with or without additional services, provide you with a turnkey solution (outside furnishing, reception hostess, vehicle haulage,acoustics, …).

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